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Examples of donations to AUCVM include CVM academic scholarships, veterinary medical equipment for the college and hospital, technology equipment, reference textbooks, and conference stipends to students. To date, AVESS had donated more than $100,00 to AUCVM to enhance learning for students. 


If you would like to submit a donation request, please visit this page to vew current instructions. 


A.V.E.S.S. has proudly donated listed items to the following departments:

Department of Clinical Sciences- Radiology Department 

  • Flat screen monitor for small animal endoscopy 
  • Flat screen monitor for equine ultrasound
  • Fluoroscopy Imagining and Capture System for Large Animal Teaching Hospital
  • 2 Dell monitors and 4 plasma screen monitors for large and small animal radiology 

Department of Clinical Sciences - Theriogenology Department

  • Centrifuge for equine theriogenology
  • Semen straw printer for equine theriogenology
  • Microscope and camera for canine theriogenology
  • Microscope camera for food animal theriogenology
  • Littman stethoscope for equine theriogenology 

Multipurpose Lab

  • Surgery tables and lights
  • Heating pads
  • Tattoo Kit for Junior Surgery - “Neuter Before Adoption” Humane Society Dogs
  • Hair clippers for preparation of surgery dogs 

Anatomy Lab

  • Television monitors, camera system 
  • Stools
  • Books- Bovine Anatomy, Equine Anatomy, Color Atlas Ruminants, Color Atlas Horse, Two Miller’s Anatomy of the Dog, Surgical Approaches to Bones and Joints
  • Plastination Project supplies